Application Name: Devil Kernel Manager

This application was made to manage every setting available in the Devil Kernel created by DerTeufel1980 at XDA Its only for the Samsung Galaxy family, running ICS/JB/KK and rooted, but probably works on other kernels too.

Useful Links:
Devil Kernel XDA Thread
Devil Kernel Manager XDA Thread


* All the latest settings supported by the Kernel.
* Everything sticks after boot.
* Fast Charge widget for easy access (if available in kernel).
* Bluetooth Kill widget (if available in kernel).
* Supports every Devil Kernel (I9000 family, I9300, Note I, Note II, Nexus S).
* Rewrote the application from scratch. Faster Load Times.
* New Design, Two Themes available.
* Log features (pull up to show the full log or hide it completely, option to copy the log content).

Application Name: Little Bee Helper

This application was made in order to help "CAPI Las Abejitas" Pre-Kinder kids review all the English contents they are learning during 2013.


* Tap the image to hear the word in English.
* Review the Alphabet in English & Spanish (Tap the flag to change the Language).
* Review the numbers from 1-20 in English & Spanish (Tap the flag to change the Language).

Application Name: Movie Fanart for Muzei

This is a movie fanart extension for Roman Nurik's Muzei live wallpaper.


* 4 different sets: Popular, Top Rated, Now Playing and Upcoming.
* Change the refresh interval.
* Option to use all available fanart for movies instead of the top rated one.
* Option to use Movie Posters instead of Backdrops.
* Powered by